Our dedication to quality
drives our growth and evolution.

We actively engage in the technological evolution of your company.

CLT Automazione boasts decades of experience in the field of industrial automation. At the core of our work methodology lie four fundamental pillars: experience, creativity, innovation, which intersect to provide dynamic solutions, ready to meet market needs flexibly and responsively, and quality which, recognized by our clients, has contributed to the growth of our company over the years.

We have reached significant end users in the manufacturing industry, important entities in the food sector, and manufacturers of machinery for industrial automation.

If you're seeking experts capable of actively participating in the technological evolution of your company, you're in the right place.

We boast decades of experience in industrial automation

Partners and collaborators for effective solutions

Companies are made of people and with them, we share time and effort. Collaborations with major suppliers of automation systems (PLC, HMI, SCADA), along with the quality and dedication in our work, have driven us to establish close relationships and become official System Integrators for renowned brands.

All of this is to provide our clients with prompt, technically sound, innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Our services

In addition to designing automation systems for industry, we meet needs in operational areas such as production, logistics, safety and quality.
In recent years, we have also been providing solutions for laser marking, integrated into production lines or as stand-alone solutions.